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Consumer Loan

Ideal for personal use vehicles or for self-employed individuals.

This loan provides a contract that has many features which provide customers who are using their vehicle for personal use with the following features:

  • Fixed Rate for the term of the loan.
  • Long term (from 12 months to 84 months) which allows the customer to start the loan up with the most comfortable repayments to suit their personal choice.
  • No penalties for early payout means that you are able to pay out the loan at any time during the agreement or make additional payments as extra cash becomes available. Whilst there is a fee for early termination, the outstanding interest on the loan ceases so you only pay for the time you use the funds. Ask our Business Manager for further information if required.
  • The ownership of the vehicle is the customers from the moment of delivery. The Financier takes out a mortgage over the vehicle which is the only security applied to the loan. The funds are provided to the customer to enable the customer to purchase the vehicle.
  • Self employed individuals often take advantage of this type of loan as they are still able to claim appropriate Tax Benefits for business use without the pitfalls of commercial loans.

Family Pack

A convenient way of reducing your expenses after a birth in the family.

During that time when a new little person arrives in the family there are many other expenses that can occur which can put a strain on finances. We can structure a loan to accommodate reduced payments during the maternity leave period where income is reduced. Just ask us to structure a loan to suit.

Tradies Pack

Customised to suit variable income earners.

Sometimes certain professions have variable seasonal incomes. Tradespeople very often have a reduced income after the Christmas Break or, Farmers very often have larger incomes after harvest and a much lower income in the growing season or winter period. We can customise payments where Tradies have very low repayments in January and February during the loan term or for Farmers an increased payment during the post-harvest period and very low repayments for the rest of the year.

Anniversary Pack

Designed to help when the bills all come at once.

Many people suffer from an overload of vehicle costs that hit at once in a particular month. Usually registration, CTP and Insurance costs all occur in the same month. We can help by ensuring that your car payment is reduced to a minor amount (in some cases even nil) in that month each year to offer a break to deal with your other costs.

All the above packs can be designed to suit your personal needs and are of course subject to final approval by the financier.

ABN user loans

Unlock the power of your ABN even if you have only just obtained it. We can provide loans that do not require documentary proof of income (low doc loans) which are tax beneficial and provide an easy way for you to finance a vehicle for commercial use with the least hassle. Let us take the drama away for you.

Commercial Loans for PTY LTD companies

We provide a complete portfolio of competitive Leasing, Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase products which can be designed to suit your corporate needs.

  • Only complete information that is relevant to you, please feel free to ignore questions that do not apply to you or that you feel are invasive. Please remember everything in your application is subject to protection by Australian Privacy Laws, please ensure you have read the Privacy consent form which you will need to confirm before completing the application.
  • Please remember that the information you supply should be as accurate as possible and the more information that is supplied will help with the approval process.
  • If you are unsure of anything in the application please contact our Business Manager on 0411 594073 during business hours or by email to any time. Our Business Manager will be pleased to assist you with your application.
  • If you feel that you should give additional information other than the information required on the application form, please forward it via separate email to or add it to the additional information box near the end of the application form.
  • Any information provided may require documentary evidence particularly with regard to identity and income amounts. Other information may be required once the application is received by the loan provider and we will advise you of this via phone or email.
  • Depending on when the application is sent to us the time for results will come through within 60 minutes. In some cases further information may be required and that will extend the time taken to reach a final decision. We will keep you informed of the progress.

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Finance Application for Consumer Loan and Sole Trader Loan.

In order to proceed with the application you need to agree with the privacy consent form.

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Current Address

How long have you been at this address?

If you have been at the above address less than 4 years please complete previous address below:

How long were you at this address?

In Your Current Address Do You

If you Rent or Board at your current address please provide your Real Estate or Owners details:

Or, if Boarding (If family home simply state Family)

Drivers Licence

Which Bank do you use for your general Banking:

If Self employed, please advise your Accountant details

References: Please supply details of two people who know you but do not reside with you.

Now some questions about your income and expenses

How long with this employer:

If Less than 4 years with above employer please give previous employers details:

How long with this employer:

If self employed

Please advise income from any other sources such as Family Allowance, Shares or other investments:

How much do you estimate your general expenses are i.e. Food, Clothing, Entertainmaent,car running costs etc

NB. Do not include Rent, Board or Mortgage payments

Rent (if applicable) what is your share of the weekly rent?

Board (if applicable) How much board do you pay?

Mortgage (If applicable) What is your scheduled monthly Mortgage Payment?

Do you have any credit cards?

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Card 2

Card 3

Home If you own or are buying your home what is its current market value?

If your home has a mortgage attached, how much is still owing?

Investments Do you have any investment properties?

Please state market value

Please state outstanding Mortgage Value

Please state income from Investment Property


How much cash do you keep in your savings account?

Motor Vehicle

Do you own any other motor vehicles if so please state estimated value

Household Effects

Please advise estimated value of all your contents (insurance value)

Plant and Equipment

If Self Employed what would you estimate to be the value of your plant and equipment?

Other Loans

Please advise details of any other loans that you currently have, who they are with, how much you borrowed, how much you pay per month and how much is outstanding.

Other information

If you feel that other information is needed for your application please feel free to add the information in the box below.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this application, your loan will be processed and you will receive an acknowledgment via email after you have submitted the application.