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  • Aaron Bik
    Hi David,

    Thank you for the follow up phone call. After leaving the dealership i had a lovely drive home despite the hail scare and all but one section on the M4 (where the oncoming traffic hit a puddle and threw muddy roadworks juice all over the bonnet). I think it was a sign telling me that it is a tough truck and isn't so fragile and delicate. Quick hose off and she's right as rain.Actually though.. What was with that rain?

    Once again thank you gentlemen for your service and a terrific car.

    Kind regards,
    Aaron Bik

  • Collyn & Maarit Rivers
    Dear Mark

    Thank you (and your colleagues) for the very much appreciated care and attention re our recent purchase. We initially purchased from you a 2WD Hilux but whilst aware of the lack of traction characteristic of long unladen utes, was surprised that it totally precluded it being driven up our unusually steep 50 metre driveway. Both rear wheels spun.

    We were delighted to find that you were not only prepared to accept it back, but to then locate a very satisfactory 4WD replacement, (a 2013 Suzuki Sierra Jimny), at a very reasonable change-over price.

    Having bought some 20 vehicles (between us) in the past 25 or so years we have never previously encountered service as excellent as this.

    Thank you for this.
  • John Greenfield
    Good morning Kevin.

    Just wanted to thank you all there for looking after my son when he bought his ute from you the other day.

    He had been everywhere looking for a ute and was treated pretty badly because of his age. When he got to you guys he was treated like a customer should be and you did a great deal for him on a great ute. You guys understood all his needs and helped him buy the right car at the right price and you even got him the right finance. I thought he would be paying huge interest but when we came in to sign up it was a really good finance rate and my son was very happy.

    Everyone there was easy to talk to and we liked the fact you are all family and it was good being treated like part of the family.

    Your cars are excellent quality and I can see why people buy from you. I'm going to tell everyone about you.

    Once again, thanks for looking after us and I know other members of our family are going to be getting their cars from your family in the future.
  • Penny Skaines
    Hi David,

    I wanted to thank you and your wonderful team in assisting our family with recent car purchases! You will come highly recommended to people we know!! Been off sick wanted to thank you earlier this week, this has been my earliest opportunity to do so! Again thank you from sunny Canberra (LOL) it’s pouring here!!
  • Arthur & Joyce Swann
    To Kevin and the Team

    Hi Kevin, I just wanted to let you know that our experience with your team when we bought our car was so good and we appreciated and enjoyed doing business with Sydney Car Warehouse.

    From the outset when we walked into the dealership we felt at ease straightaway, there was no pressure, just a friendly greeting from Mark and he pointed us to where everything was without overpowering us with all the questions that we had experienced with other dealers.

    We were given the opportunity to browse and if we had question, it was answered without delay. We just felt that we were dealing with really professional people. After a while and after a chatting a few times with your people we found out that it was a family business and we did feel part of that.

    Once we had decided on our Toyota we experienced nothing but help and we were introduced to David in your finance department who was courteous and knowledgeable about all our finance queries. He made the finance process very easy and he explained every step of the finance process. We were never left wondering what was happening and we were provided with a great package.

    Just wanted to say what a great pleasure the whole thing was, the car is great, no problems at all and we are extremely happy with the fully tailored finance and warranty package we bout from you.

    After buying a number of cars over the years we have never experience such great service before and will have absolutely no hesitation sending our friends and relatives to you for their vehicles in the future.